Radio install                                                                           Price $59.99
Speakers per set installed                                                                                  Price $59.99
 Amplifier install 2 channel or subwoofer                                          Price $119.99
Satellite radio install                                                                  Price $79.99
 4 channel amp install                                                                      Price $139.99
Note install prices may very on different makes and models call for free estimate
 Alarms installed Starting at                                                         Price $119.99
Remote starts installed starting at                                                 Price $169.99
In Dash Screen Install                                                               Price $94.99
Hard wire factory harness                                                           Price $29.99
H.I.D Installation
Window Tinting
Cars Tint                          3 Year Warranty $179.99             Lifetime warranty  $199.99
Suv / Truck Tint                   3 Year Warranty$209.99              Lifetime warranty  $239.99
2 Front windows               3 year warranty $79.99                 Lifetime warranty   $99.99
Tinting, Residential, commercial also available Starts @ $7.95 SQ
Basic Inside Detailing package-
Window cleaning inside, Vacuum carpet, seats & inside All the cracks / Polish & Shine Inside the vehicle  100%
Price $59.99
Advanced Inside Detailing package
Window cleaning inside & out, Vacuum carpet, seats & inside All the cracks / Polish & Shine Inside the vehicle Plus shampoo Carpets & uploystrey , SUV's $20 extra 
 Price $89.99
Phone Orders & Live Help
    Phone 508-567-0399
Plow Strob Light Kits from 2,4,6 Strobe lights Amber, white, green & more installed 
Call For pricing
Free estimate
World Class Detailing
Basic Outside Detailing package
Clean Rims & tires with polish, Bug & tar removal , Hand wash, Hand dry, spray on wax & Wipe 
Price $79.99
Advanced Outside Detailing Package
Clean Rims & tires with polish, Bug & tar removal , Hand wash,
Hand dry, Scratch & blemish removal & machined buffing , Clean door Jams , Final wax coat, Trucks & SUV'S $20 Extra

Price $119.99
Price $69.99
Add any combo
Get a $60.00 Discount
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Highest Tint quality Film used
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Basic install pricing starting pionts, price may change, please call us for a better quote on your vehicle. our hourly rate starts at $65 hour and depending the job we give a package deal. We try to be as fair and reasonable as possible

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