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All projectors can vary in color. Our colors are true to our description. Bulb colors can appear to be different based on outside factors, such as the type of headlight you are putting them in and they way the light is being reflected or projected out of them.


HID Kits for any car, truck, or SUV. Finally, a great priced, fully digital, HID kit available in 55w and 35w. Comes with Lifetime Warranty (ballasts  only ) 

Fully digital, draws less than 6 amps at start up and 3.4 amps at normal operating temperature. This system provides 3200-3400 Lumens at 35 watts and an amazing 5000 Lumens at 55 watts per bulb. In comparison, a typical halogen bulb produces 900-1200 lumens.

All kits use AC bulbs and ballasts for increased reliability and lifespan. 
The 55w HID kits are 40% brighter than the standard 35w kits.
The 55W system ballasts are about 1 cm longer than the 35W ballasts.
55w kits tend to wash out some of the color of the HID bulb due to the light output( for example, a 55w 8000k will look similar in color to a 35w 6000k kit). 

Full HID Kit Includes:
- 2 Digital Slim ballasts
- 2 HID Bulbs
- Life-Time Warranty

*High / Low kits come with a fused relay harness and controller that regulates the high / low operation.* 
some modern cars requires BOWs and harnesses in order to run at 100%!

Use the relay harness to connect HIDs to cars with very small gauge wiring that cannot supply the initial surge current required to light the bulbs reliably.

Recommended for all 55W HID installations but most American and European cars work at 35W/55W without the harness. The harness is definitely recommended for Quad's and other ATVs or when running multiple HID installations. This harness is a fused relay isolation harness capable of supplying 40A at 12vdc. We recommand 35w kits for most Vehicles
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