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The company Xtremeaudio Was founded by Tim Thomas in 2007. We have been in this line of work for over 11 years and decided to open our own company in what started off as a mobile business traveling to the customer/ Dealers. We discovered the need were people were always busy on the go and it was more convenient to travel to the customer. Well We may not travel out as much now, but that is still an option we offer. We are now a well established business in Southern Mass. We not only work on customers cars but we also work with various dealerships as well bringing our service to them. The business is owned and ran by the owners who are both Mobile Electronic Certified Technicians ( MECP ). We are friendly and understandable people that work with you to meet your needs. Our expectations are high and we treat each vehicle as if it was our own. What really sets us apart from allot of these types of businesses is we love our job and what we do. Its more like a hobby then a job for us. Also specialize in vehicles that most places don’t Like to touch ( BMW, Mercedes, Rang Rover , ect. ). Some ideas of what we have worked on are boats, RV's , Custom vans, motorcycles, Big rigs, even recreational vehicles. Home Theater installs are becoming a big part of our business as well. We custom hang flat screen giving it that "floating look". This line of work just runs in our blood not to mention we are always keeping up with the latest technologies & ideas brining them to our customers. We like to see it all come together and put smile on the customers face that’s what makes it worth wild at the end for us for us.
Our reputation is outstanding and we have a great name built which we uphold with high standards. Our company is always growing & expanding with millions of vehicles on the road there is always something we can offer you to make your driving more pleasant

Giving Back

Xtremeaudio gives back to the community as well, our softer side. We accept donations and new toys dropped off to our location in Swansea ma. We start the donations/toy Drive in October 1st and ends on December 23rd. We like to stay active & helping out. Also work with charitable events that help out in the community. Partnered with schools and boys / Girls culb teaching skills for there futures in the workforce, If you would like to partner with us please contact us Thanks

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